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Evolve Vault is available in two editions – choose the one that suits you.

  • Our simple, secure Backup package is so easy to use and great for users that just want to protect their files from loss or damage.
  • Our Backup & Briefcase package provides all of the great features of Backup plus our powerful access-anywhere functionality that lets you use your files wherever you are.
  Backup Backup & Briefcase
$14.95 per month
Special Offer
Pay for a year up-front to get two months free AND a 10% discount for life! You can cancel within two weeks for a full refund!
Purchase the Backup package
$49.50 per year
Purchase the Backup & Briefcase package
$149.50 per year
Storage Space
The amount of storage space to store files - can be used for any type of files you want.
Unlimited Up to 2TB
The amount of data you can transfer to and from Evolve Vault each month.
Unlimited Unlimited
Transfer Speed
The speed at which you can upload and download from Evolve Vault. We never throttle transfers.
Unlimited Unlimited
The number of computers on which you can install the Evolve Vault software.
Unlimited Unlimited
Simple, Secure Backup
Constantly backup files from your PC onto Evolve Vault. Set it up once and forget about it.
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Web Portal
Personal, secure web page. Log in from any web browser and see your files.
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View Files Online
See photos, watch videos, play music and display Office documents from your web portal.
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Stream To Your iPhone or iPad
View documents, play music, watch movies from anywhere - streamed to your iPad or iPhone.
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Mobile Viewer
View your files from your mobile phone. Includes special support for iPhone and Blackberry.
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Total Security
Your data is safe, encrypted and backed up in our carrier grade data centers.
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Version History
View up to 30 older versions of any file, so you can go back to a previous version if necessary.
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Evolve Vault Briefcase
A place online to keep the files you use most regularly. See the same files on every PC, and access these files online from anywhere.
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Add an L: Drive to your PC
Evolve Vault Briefcase appears as a new drive on your PC, so you can use it just like a normal drive.
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Edit Documents Online
Edit Office documents and retouch photos from your web browser from anywhere.
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Facebook, Flickr and More
Drag and drop pictures directly to and from Facebook, Flickr, SmugMug and more from our web portal.
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One-Click Sharing
Click to share files with anyone via a simple web link - or share files privately with friends, family and colleagues. No more e-mailing large files.
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Email to Evolve Vault
Email files straight to your Evolve Vault Briefcase as attachments. Easily upload files from mobile devices or other computers.
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FTP Support
Upload and download files from your Evolve Vault account using FTP. Supports FTP resume.
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Operating Systems Windows (Mac version as Tech Preview) Windows (Mac version as Tech Preview)
Service and Support 24 hour same day e-mail support 24 hour priority same day e-mail support
Instant Online activation
Signup now and you're account will be active within 2 hours.
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